MLD Mentor Course — Vodder Technique

  • Tuition

    Initial cost is $200 US This represents one hour of teaching/consulting time ($175 per hour) and the cost of the initial forms package. Each part of an hour will be at $175 per hour

  • Continuing Education

    There are no units currently available for this program

  • Prerequisites

    Who can register?
    Anyone who has taken at least one 5 day course in Manual Lymph Drainage, from any school offering a 5-day course including the Dr. Vodder School International.

  • Student Materials: It is recommended that the student have a 3 ring binder to collect all of the forms in.

  • RMS (Details)
    This Pressure Tester can only be used on an iPhone or iPad. Please go to this website to review the details of the RMS and to make your purchase.

MLD Mentor Program — Vodder Technique

This Mentoring Program has been designed to assist interested MLD practitioners to review and expand their understanding of the theory behind MLD, and review client cases to discuss ideas for further assessment and more specific protocols for treatment. The time is spent as the practitioner desires

We now offer virtual practical application and review of MLD strokes! This requires the purchase of the RMS pressure tester Gay Lee has developed to determine the pressure a practitioner exerts on the skin of a client.

This course comes with an exclusive set of forms for assessment and protocols not available with any other programs anywhere. Additionally this program includes premium forms available on this site for free.

This is a remote program done over phone and video calls with Gay Lee. Optional in-person sessions are available.

This is not a certification program.

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Sorry, there are no classes for this course currently available. Please check the Full Calendar

Manual Lymph Drainage Mentoring Program Objectives

This Program comprehensively increases the skill level of the practitioner in understanding and practical application of Manual Lymph Drainage. The focus can be any mix of theory, practical application, and client condition consultation.

  1. In-depth review of lymph system anatomy and physiology.
  2. Identify how, why, and where edema is coming from.
  3. To critique the practitioners implementation of MLD strokes.
  4. Competently wield tools of assessment and MLD treatment plans for a specific client’s condition.
  5. Understand contraindications.
  6. Increase context awareness of MLD as a treatment modality.
  7. Teach the practitioner how to explain to their clients and supporting health care providers (Doctors, PTs, OTs, et.) the effects MLD can have, and why these effects occur.
  8. Integrate practical applications and theory of: connective tissue and skin, fluid movement between blood vessels and lymph vessels, nervous and muscular systems, and more…
Portrait of Gay Lee Gulbrandson Gay Lee Gulbrandson is an internationally renowned Vodder MLD teacher. She also has a thriving massage therapy practice in Berkeley, California. She has been a certified Dr. Vodder therapist since 1996 and a teacher of Vodder MLD since 2002. Gay Lee will give each student individual practical instruction to help them develop the skills required to attain the best possible results with their clients. Gay Lee (BA) is certified via CLT-LANA, BCTMB, CAMTC, CMT, and Dr Vodder School International.