Advanced Neck & Face Course Description

  • Advanced Neck & Face Content

    Review MLD technique / theory, learn techniques, cosmetic applications, etc.

  • Length

    5 days (40 hours)

  • Hours

    8:30 AM - 5:30 PM; class hours

  • Tuition


    (set by sponsor within guidelines, ask about discounts.)

  • Continuing Education

    40 CEs Via NCBTMB. CE PROVIDER: Gay Lee Gulbrandson, CLT-LANA # 451083-09

  • Prerequisites

    with appropriate qualifications. (More Details)

  • Student materials (included): Student handbook / Workbook; Guide to Neck & Face sequences, etc.

  • Student: Recommend bring to class: 1 set sheets, 1 towel, highlighter, loose clothing.

  • Support: Gay Lee provides extensive pre- and post- course preparation and study materials, including practice management, continuing education opportunities, tutoring, and more. (More Details)

  • Privacy:

Advanced Neck & Face
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Course Objectives for MLD Neck & Face Class

This course teaches the Vodder technique of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

The objectives of this practical course (10 hours) are:

  1. To teach the student an effective, light, subtle technique.
  2. To teach in depth the strokes for MLD and its application to the face and neck with the necessary sequencing.
  3. To integrate in depth the theory into practical experience.
  4. To prepare the student for the courses (following) in Vodder type Manual Lymph Drainage.

The objectives of the theory part of the course (30 hours) are:

  1. To further familiarize the student with the history and context of the Vodder technique of Manual Lymph Drainage for the face and neck.
  2. To further familiarize the student with the anatomy of the lymph system and related structures in the connective tissue.
  3. To give the student a greater understanding of fluid exchange between blood vessels, connective tissue and lymph vessels, and the various forces affecting fluid movement.
  4. To further explain to the student how MLD affects various systems in the body, specifically the nervous, muscular, and drainage systems.
  5. To make the student more aware of the contraindications for MLD.
  6. To give the student a better understanding of the context of MLD as a treatment modality and the types of conditions that can be treated with it.
  7. To further familiarize the student with current research into MLD therapy for the face and neck.

Review Vodder MLD technique and theory, learn special techniques, cosmetic applications, perform MLD on the face and neck, etc.

Portrait of Gay Lee Gulbrandson Gay Lee Gulbrandson is an internationally renowned Vodder MLD teacher. She also has a thriving massage therapy practice in Berkeley, California. She has been a certified Dr. Vodder therapist since 1996 and a teacher of Vodder MLD since 2002. Gay Lee will give each student individual practical instruction to help them develop the skills required to attain the best possible results with their clients. Gay Lee (BA) is certified via CLT-LANA, BCTMB, CAMTC, CMT, and Dr Vodder School International.