MLD Mentor Program — Vodder Technique

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    Gay Lee Gulbrandson, BA, CLT-LANA, CMT, BCTMB
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    Open enrollment

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    Initial cost is $200 US This represents one hour of teaching/consulting time ($175 per hour) and the cost of the initial forms package. Each part of an hour will be at $175 per hour

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    There are no units currently available for this program

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    Who can register?
    Anyone who has taken at least one 5 day course in Manual Lymph Drainage, from any school offering a 5-day course including the Dr. Vodder School International.

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    (510) 849-1388
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    (510) 900=6182
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  • Student Materials: It is recommended that the student have a 3 ring binder to collect all of the forms in.

MLD Mentor Program — Vodder Technique
Sponsor: Gay Lee Gulbrandson

Live and Learn MLD

The Mentor Program makes four distinct areas of focus available to the practitioner. Gay Lee's expertise allows the practitioner the flexibility to include any combination of these areas of focus, even within a single session. The practitioner chooses ahead of time which areas each session will focus on: fundamentals of MLD theory, practical application critique (with use of RMS), client case consultation, and best business practices.

The practitioner will email a target agenda and area(s) of focus with specific questions. Gay Lee will then prepare for and guide the session to cover the agenda and answer questions to the extent that time allows. Successive sessions can be scheduled as wanted by the practitioner.

The wealth and breadth of theory Gay Lee can impart allows teaching the fundamentals of MLD down to the relationship between the lymphatic system and specific organs of the body, all of which ties into the practical application of MLD.A remote practical session over FaceTime or Zoom requires the practitioner to have an RMS (link) available. Gay Lee observes and can critique the practical MLD strokes as they are being demonstrated by the practitioner in real time without having to be in the room. Gay Lee can also demonstrate the correct use of each stroke from her end on an RMS as well. A consulting session can be used to discuss a particular client or clients. Before session, the practitioner will provide a case history of the client and is highly encouraged to include photos of the clients' conditions by email before the session. Gay Lee will also go over the Assessment & Intake Form and then the Protocols & Treatment Form with the practitioner. These forms are supplied as an exclusive part of the Mentor Program.
Best business practices may be addressed as they arise or given time of focused attention during a session. This includes practice set-up and management, as well as print and digital marketing. Again, the practitioner will get much more out of each session by preparing their questions and concerns ahead of time in an email to Gay Lee.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful healing effect on the body. Applied research in Australia, Europe, and North America has proven its efficacy as a stand-alone treatment, and a combined treatment with other therapies. The Vodder technique was developed in France in 1932 by Emil and Estrid Vodder. MLD has been recognized as the most effective manual therapeutic technique to assist lymph flow, increase drainage of the tissues, rejuvenate the dermis, and relieve stress and tension throughout the body. (More details about MLD)

The Mentoring Program teaches the skills for the dedicated practitioner who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding and use of Manual Lymph Drainage in their practice effectively. Current theory and research can be provided to broaden your understanding of the lymph vessel system and the effects MLD has on it.(Description)

Gay Lee is an engaging and dedicated teacher who supports the learning objective with verve, energy, and genuine affection for the subject and for her students. You will have a positive learning experience that will give you new skills to more confidently treat as needed and support clients looking for answers who haven't yet found a path to healing.

    The Mentor Program materials include:
  • Gay Lee's Exclusive Assessment & Intake Forms on what to look for with your clients. (Program Exclusive)
  • Protocols & Treatment Form on enhanced hand movements for specific conditions. (Program Exclusive)
  • Scope of Practice Resource Info with comprehensive information on the treatment of post-cancer clients. (Program Exclusive)
  • Resources for treatment Questions with quick references to published and online resources.
  • Additional supplemental client materials will be available as hard copy or download.
  • Gay Lee Gulbrandson, BA, CLT-LANA, CMT, BCTMB, 17 years experience as a Certified Dr Vodder School International teacher, 2002-2020 A Dr. Vodder Certified MLD Therapist, Gay Lee, is a resident of Berkeley, CA and has a private practice in MLD/CDT (Combined Decongestive Therapy). Member of AMTA, NLN; both NCTMB/BCTMB and CLT-LANA certified. Gay Lee offers her exceptional MLD classes throughout the USA.

    The Mentoring Program objectives and more are found in the (Description)


Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage Instructor
Mail: 1791 Solano Ave #A8
Berkeley, California 94707
Phone(510) 849-1388
Fax(510) 900=6182

Gay Lee Gulbrandson, a resident of Berkeley, CA, BA (Biology) Beloit College, WI. She is a certified MLD therapist by the Dr Vodder School International (DVSI, 1996), and a certified Basic Course and Advanced Course former instructor. Gay Lee has a thriving private practice in MLD and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Her qualifications and accreditations include certified massage therapist (CMT-1979), AMTA member (1988-), orthopedic massage certificate (Hendrickson School 1991), NCTMB/BCTMB certified (1995-), NLN sponsoring member (1996-), CLT-LANA certified (2002-), CAMTC Registered (2011-). Gay Lee has 2 grown sons and a daughter, and is happily married. She is an innovative, dynamic and respected teacher who travels frequently to teach MLD throughout the USA.