Mentor Progam in Manual Lymph Drainage

This Mentoring Program in Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique) has been created to teach and inspire practitioners to use the MLD they have learned in any 5-day program. The purpose of this Program is to discuss, consult, teach and demonstrate the ways in which a practitioner can assess a particular clients condition and then establish a protocol for the treatment of this condition.
Mentor Classes

Sorry, there are no classes available at this time.


Gay Lee will work with you at the level of your current training in MLD. If you have only completed the first course of training she will discuss and teach the appropriate protocols for the client. With further advanced level courses of training more specific assessments and protocols will be offered for the treatment of the clients through this program.

Mentoring sessions can include any and all of: theory, practical (with live feedback tool), case consultation, and business management.

Once a practitioner registers for the Mentoring Program they will be able to download a complete set of forms Program Exclusive forms to be used during each mentoring session. The practitioner then fills out the forms and takes notes during their session.

A discussion covering adjunct areas of relevance for the client may also be included in the session. This may cover skin care, diet and exercise. The use and understanding of how to assess correct garments is available to those practitioners who are Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLT). Additional forms for garment protocols will also be available to these practitioners.

"These Mentoring Program is designed to increase the use and successful application of MLD by the practitioner creating the best possible outcome for their clients."
-Gay Lee