Half-Day Technique Review Course Description

  • Half-Day Technique Review Content

    Review the MLD technique, strokes, sequences.

  • Length

    1/2 day (4 hours)

  • Hours

    1 PM - 5:00 PM

  • Tuition

    $225. there are no discounts for this class. Thank you

  • Continuing Education

    4 CEs Via NCBTMB.

  • Prerequisites

    Completion of a Vodder MLD or any qualified MLD class.

  • Student Materials (included): Handout on understanding the Vodder strokes if needed.

  • Student: Recommend bring to class: 1 set sheets, 1 towel, loose clothing.

  • Support: Gay Lee provides coaching on technique and answers questions; has opportunities outside of class for practice management, continuing education opportunities, tutoring, and more. (More Details)

Half-Day Technique Review
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Course Objectives for MLD Half-day Review Class

This course teaches the Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

The objectives of the practical part of the course (4 hours) are:

  1. To practice the technique of the Basic strokes.
  2. To practice the application to various body parts with the necessary sequencing.
  3. To answer questions about translating theory into practice.
  4. To prepare for the next course in Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage.

Review your technique prior to attending Level 2, or after Level 2 prepare for Level 3, or just in general. This is a hands-on review and practice of strokes including correct pressure. A short time will be allotted for answering questions on theory, if needed. Please know the sequences before arriving. Estheticians are welcome as well as therapists. Students will be grouped together to create an appropriate class.

Portrait of Gay Lee Gulbrandson Gay Lee Gulbrandson is an internationally renowned Vodder MLD teacher. She also has a thriving massage therapy practice in Berkeley, California. She has been a certified Dr. Vodder therapist since 1996 and a teacher of Vodder MLD since 2002. Gay Lee will give each student individual practical instruction to help them develop the skills required to attain the best possible results with their clients. Gay Lee (BA) is certified via CLT-LANA, BCTMB, CAMTC, CMT, and Dr Vodder School International.