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Face with MLD Sequences
Welcome to
The website of
Gay Lee Gulbrandson
Dr Vodder School Instructor, CLT-LANA
Face with MLD Sequences
What is MLD?
Manual Lymphatic drainage is a pleasant and powerful therapeutic technique for conditions ranging from acne to lymphedema.
What is the Dr Vodder School?
Dr Vodder School International is the North American scion of the Dr Vodder Schule, Austria: the original manual lymph drainage school from which all MLD techniques derive. The Dr Vodder School advances state of the art technique, theory, and training.
Who is Gay Lee Gulbrandson?
Gay Lee has been a certified massage therapist since 1979, a Dr Vodder practitioner since 1996, and an MLD instuctor since 2002. She continuously develops cutting edge educational materials and tools, and teaches Basic and Advanced Manual Lymph Drainage classes thoughout the U.S.
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