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Basic Neck & Face Course Syllabus

Basic Neck & Face 3-Day course description in depth. Includes content, prerequisites, course of study, etc. 9 pages.

Course of Study - Esthetician

Thumbnail descriptions of the Basic Neck & Face, Advanced Neck & Face 3-Day courses for Esthetician Neck & Face Certification, plus the two follow-on courses for Esthetician Full Body Certification. Covers subject matter, overview, more.

Certified Graduate Advanced Courses

Post MLD certification advanced course descriptions in brief. Links to (and based on) the Dr Vodder School International web site.

Therapy I Course Syllabus

Therapy I MLD 5-Day course description and syllabus. Includes course content, prerequisites, course of study, etc. 9 pages.

Basic Course Syllabus

Basic MLD 5-Day course syllabus. Includes course content, course of study, prerequisites, history, preparation, books, etc. 11 pages.

Course of Study - Therapist

Thumbnail descriptions of the Basic, Therapy I 5-Day courses, and Therapy II / III course. Covers subject matter, overview, preparation, more.

Therapist Certification Courses

Dr Vodder School International Therapist Certification Courses DETAILED INFORMATION about training for Therapists and others as taught by Gay Lee Gulbrandson, Instructor.

Testimonials - Student

Unsolicited testimonials from Gay Lee’s MLD class graduates. She's so HOT! They're so HOT!

How To Choose a School

How to Choose an MLD School 2 page brochure. Allows comparison of Dr Vodder School International with any other school program. No other program even comes close.

Brochure - Esthetician

Brochure describes 4 classes leading to MLD esthetician certification, and covers key information on Course of Study. For student, employer, colleague, patient. 2 Pages.
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