2019 October 23 - 25 Advanced Neck & Face only as a COMBO. Take Basic AND Advanced COMBO to SAVE $200. OAKLAND, CA

This class is over.

Class Info

  • Course
  • Instructor
    Gay Lee Gulbrandson, BA, CLT-LANA, CMT, BCTMB
  • Date

    This Neck & Face starts 1 PM October 23 to 5 PM October 25, 2019. Take both classes ONLY, PLEASE! Basic and Advanced together.

  • Location
    Oakland,, California, USA
  • Length

    5 days for both courses.

  • Hours

    8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Class Size


  • Tuition

    $725. alone, $1250 COMBO, for 2019 (US$)(set by sponsor within guidelines, ask about discounts.)

  • Deposit

    For both classes enroll in Basic and pay deposit of $400.

  • Continuing Education

    20 CEs Via NCBTMB. CE PROVIDER: Dr. Vodder School International (DVSI).

  • Prerequisites

    Completion of Basic Neck & Face Course with appropriate qualifications. (More Details)

  • Sponsor
  • Phone
    (510) 849-1388
  • Fax
    (510) 900=6182
  • Email
  • Classroom Address
    Bloom Healing Botanic Spa
    525 Bellevue Ave
    Oakland,, California 94610
Advanced Neck & Face
Sponsor: Gay Lee Gulbrandson

Live and Learn MLD

Class Policies
  • A deposit is required to reserve your seat.
  • All class hours must be attended to receive your certificate.
  • Reduced tuition for students repeating this course with same instructor.
  • This class must be combined with the Basic Neck & Face class that starts at 8 AM Monday; add 2.5 days more continuing from the Basic class. Students must enroll in both classes and take $200.00 OFF the combined class fee. Normally both the Basic and Advanced Neck & Face Classes are 3 days (20 hr) each. Now earn your MLD Neck & Face certification in only 5 days! (An additional $50 DISCOUNT is available for 2 or more students from one group or practice. Note: The traditional discount for early registration listed below is NOT available when taking the COMBO i.e. both classes.)
    Class location to be announced later.

  • Refunds:
    If you cancel in writing received by sponsor at least 30 days prior to class start, a refund will be made less a fee of $150.00 deducted from the refund for sponsor's costs* after the class is held. A cancellation request received within 30 days of class start means the full course deposit will be kept by the sponsor.
    *A retained cancellation fee may be applied to any 3 or 5 day class sponsored by Gay Lee within 12 months of the missed class date; except that no early registration discount will be given.* See your invoice for details.

  • Discounts available:
    "A" EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. If you enroll and pay the deposit more than 90 days in advance of class start, take $50 OFF the 5-Day Therapy class. (Not available for the COMBO Neck and Face class; PMTI sponsored courses have their own policies.)
    "B" GROUP ENROLLMENT DISCOUNT. If you enroll as a group (2 or more), take $100 OFF for each member of the group in a 5-Day therapy class; $50 OFF for the COMBO Neck and Face class. Must pay all deposits timely in full, attend the same course, fully paid. (PMTI sponsored courses have their own policies.)
    "R" REPEAT DISCOUNT = HALF-OFF. Repeat the same class (reaudit) if taught by and sponsored by Gay Lee, and take 50% off + $57 the full tuition. Vodder School requires an additional $57.00 certificate fee. Terms: Space available, Gay Lee is sponsor, make timely deposit, bring prior class materials or buy new ones. (PMTI does not offer this option.)

Classroom Location

Bloom Healing Botanic Spa
525 Bellevue Ave
Oakland,, California 94610
Phone(510) 849-1388
  • Lodging near (and at) Bloom Healing Botanic Spa:
    You have several options when traveling to The Bellevue Club (TBC) and needing overnight accommodations.
    The Bellevue Club (TBC) itself is home to a handfull of hotel rooms. These rooms can be booked by calling
    Bloom Healing Botanical Spa at (510) 984-4550 or by emailing us at hello@bloomspa.care .
    TBC offers a free, secure parking garage. Rooms and rates are included below. Please note that these rooms are first come first serve and are not guaranteed until the reservation is completed.

    1 suite @ $167/night
    4 rooms with access to a shared balcony @ $126/night
    1 room with no balcony @ $110/night

    For those looking for a traditional hotel stay, we recommend booking a room at the Oakland Marriot City Center located at 1001 Broadway Ave. It is in a walkable neighborhood, close to public transportation, and offers a paid parking garage, urban city experience with a lively nightlife and bar/restaurant scene.

    Another fantastic lodging option is to AirBnB your stay. We do receommend sticking to the Adams Point, Lakeshore, Rose Garden and Piedmont neighborhoods.

    Alternately, Rebecca, owner of Bloom Healing Botanical Spa has three rooms available in her home, just a few short miles from the Bellevue Club. These rooms, again, are first come first serve and start at up to $100/night. You can be sure to expect a relaxing, non-toxic environment, friendly dog and cat, community, mentorship, and light breakfast with tea and/or coffee. These rooms can also be booked by calling Bloom Healing Botanical Spa at (510) 984-4550 or by emailing us at hello@bloomspa.care.

  • Bloom Healing Botanic Spa is an exclusive skin care and full service spa overlooking Lake Merritt.The classroom is attractive and spacious. Access is easy from Oakland Airport, nearby lodging shuttles, taxi, BART, or Uber/Lyft, or nearby San Francisco. PARKING: Student parking is in the parking lot next to the one-story building.

    Oakland is in a renaissance, but isn't a tourist attraction like SF, which can make traditional lodging a bit more challenging. If you aren't finding something in your price range from the list included, we recommend sharing a room with someone as opposed to finding something "cheaper". Do NOT stay at a motel!! While Oakland is considered to be relatively safe, it is definitely an urban experience that requires a bit of street smarts.
    Lock your doors. Don't leave anything in your vehicle. (if driving) Don't walk alone late at night.
    Neighborhoods are block by block, so you can end up in a very undesirable situation very quickly. I recommend staying within the outlined area in the map provided if you are looking for a safe, quiet, and walkable environment with small shops, cafes, and low-key nightlife. That doesn't mean you'll die if you venture outside of the lines, but I do not recommend venturing out of them for lodging, as a matter of financial convenience.
    It should also be noted that Oakland is also experiencing a housing crisis. Do not be alarmed by the tent cities, however, keep your distance and don't stare or take photographs, please. It is disrespectful.

    Weather in the Bay Area is generally mild, but we do have micro-climates that require wardrobe adjustments from one nieghborhood to the next. Also, this is Northern California, not Southern. Do not be fooled by temperatures in the 50's or 60's - we are known for fog and a cool climate. Most buildings do not have central heat, and most restaurants and cafes will keep doors open year-round. Bring lots of layers and a bag to carry them in. Wear warm socks and shoes that can stand up to moisture. Bring an umbrella and/or a water resistant jacket with a hood.

  • Directions to Bloom Healing Botanic Spa at The Bellevue Club
    525 Bellevue Ave., Oakland, CA 94610 Please call 510-295-7141 if you are lost (use this number during class days only).

    Recommended airport is Oakland International Airport
    Closest BART station is 19th Street, Oakland
    Closest AC transit stop Grand Ave @ Staten Ave.
    Renting a car is not recommended. The airport, restaurants, and San Francisco are all easily accessible via BART or Uber/Lyft.
    However, should you choose to rent a car, directions from both Oakland and San Francisco Airports are below.
    From Oakland International Airport:
    Take 98th Ave, I-880 N, E 12th St to Ellita Ave
    Once on Ellita continue onto Bellevue Ave.
    TBC is located just past the Jackson Arms Apt building.
    The secure parking garage is located between the apt. building and the front entrance to TBC. Use the large white button on the call box to ring the front desk, who can open the garage door.
    From San Francisco International Airport:
    Take US 101 N, I-280 N, & I-80 E to Grand Ave. in Oakland. Take the exit toward I-880 S / Alameda / San Jose / Airport from I-80 East.
    Continue on W Grand Ave. to Ellita Ave. Once on Ellita continue onto Bellevue Ave.
    TBC is located just past the Jackson Arms Apt building.
    The secure parking garage is located between the apt. building and the front entrance to TBC. Use the large white button on the call box to ring the front desk, who can open the
    garage door.

  • HELPFUL HINTS - Dining The Bellevue Club is located within walking and Uber/Lyft distance to several quality establishments to grab lunch or dinner.
    Our Favorites for lunch are Oasis Kitchen, Sidebar, & Whole Foods.
    For dinner we recommend, Sidebar, Bardo, Shakewell, & Millennium.
    Info for all is below.

    Shakewell - Spanish Tapas
    3407 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, CA (510) 251-0329

    Millennium - Vegetarian
    5912 College Ave. Oakland, CA (510) 735-9459

    Bardo - Mid-Century Dinner Party
    3343 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland, CA (510) 836-8737

    Sidebar - American Cuisine
    542 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA (510) 452-2250

    Oasis Kitchen - Middle Eastern Cuisine
    344 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA (510) 832-2250

    Whole Foods Market
    230 Bay Pl. Oakland, CA (510) 834-9800

CLASS LOCATION ONLY: Please do NOT call Bloom Spa for information about this class. Gay Lee Gulbrandson, CLT-LANA, is both the class instructor and the class sponsor! Call her at 510-849-1388, and leave a message.


Dr Vodder School International Instructor
Mail: 1791 Solano Ave #A8
Berkeley, California 94707
Phone(510) 849-1388
Fax(510) 900=6182

Gay Lee Gulbrandson, a resident of Berkeley, CA, BA (Biology) Beloit College, WI. She is a certified MLD therapist by the Dr Vodder School International (VSNA-DVSI, 1996), and certified Basic Course and Advanced Course instructor. Gay Lee has a thriving private practice in MLD and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Her qualifications and accreditations include certified massage therapist (CMT-1979), AMTA member (1988-), orthopedic massage certificate (Hendrickson School 1991), NCTMB/BCTMB certified (1995-), NLN sponsoring member (1996-), CLT-LANA certified (2002-), CAMTC Registered (2011-). Gay Lee has 2 grown sons and a daughter, and is happily married. She is an innovative, dynamic and respected teacher who travels frequently to teach MLD throughout the USA.