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    • Gentle effective technique,
    • Medically proven method,
    • Exciting multimedia lectures, professional student handbook and texts,
    • Technically grounded scientific instruction,
    • MLD is indicated for most people and for numerous pathologies.
    • More than Lymphedema training,
    • Outstanding practitioner skill-set,
    • 75% hands-on practice in class,
    • Engaging, supportive instructor,
    • Small class size, personal instruction,
Gay Lee Gulbrandson

Live and Learn MLD

Curriculum Vitae

Gay Lee Gulbrandson, a resident of Berkeley, CA, has a BA from Beloit College, WI. She is a certified MLD therapist by the Dr Vodder School - International (DVSI, 1996), and is a certified Dr Vodder School MLD instructor since 2002.

Her qualifications and accreditation include certified massage therapist (1979), AMTA member (1988-), orthopedic massage certification (Hendrickson School 1991), NCTMB exam certified (1995-), BCTMB Board exam certified (2015-), NLN member (1996-), CLT-LANA certified (2002-), CACMT Registered (2013-), etc.

Gay Lee has 2 grown sons and is happily married. She is an innovative, dynamic and respected teacher and travels frequently to teach MLD throughout the USA.

GAY LEE HAS A THRIVING PRIVATE PRACTICE IN MLD AND COMBINED DECONGESTIVE THERAPY. She began with Swedish Massage and then added Orthopedic Massage (Hendrickson Technique). When she heard of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) she found what she was really looking for. In 2002 she completed Teacher Training as a Basic Course Instructor in MLD, and in 2011 Advanced course certification followed.

Gay Lee's teaching has inspired health care professionals and therapists and estheticians to address physical conditions and assist post-surgical cancer patients with swelling related conditions that are often inadequately addressed by the traditional medical community.

Gay Lee teaches a deep understanding of how the lymphatic system impacts the health of the entire body. MLD has a profound effect on the skin. Gay Lee has taught many massage therapists and estheticians over the past 20 years using effective multimedia presentations, handouts, and efficacious sequence of the Dr. Vodder method treatments.

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  • All class hours must be attended to receive your certificate.
  • Refunds:
    If you cancel in writing received by sponsor at least 30 days prior to class start, a refund will be made less a fee of $150.00 deducted from the refund for sponsor's costs* after the class is held. A cancellation request received within 30 days of class start means the full course deposit will be kept by the sponsor.
    *A retained cancellation fee may be applied to any 3 or 5 day class sponsored by Gay Lee within 12 months of the missed class date; except that no early registration discount will be given.* See your invoice for details.

  • Discounts available:
    "A" EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. If you enroll and pay the deposit more than 90 days in advance of class start, take $50 OFF the 5-Day Therapy class. (Not available for the COMBO Neck and Face class; PMTI sponsored courses have their own policies.)
    "B" GROUP ENROLLMENT DISCOUNT. If you enroll as a group (2 or more), take $100 OFF for each member of the group in a 5-Day therapy class; $50 OFF for the COMBO Neck and Face class. Must pay all deposits timely in full, attend the same course, fully paid. (PMTI sponsored courses have their own policies.)
    "R" REPEAT DISCOUNT = HALF-OFF. Repeat the same class (reaudit) if taught by and sponsored by Gay Lee, and take 50% off + $57 the full tuition. Vodder School requires an additional $57.00 certificate fee. Terms: Space available, Gay Lee is sponsor, make timely deposit, bring prior class materials or buy new ones. (PMTI does not offer this option.)