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The Lymphedema Wellness Manual Patient Handbook is a basic guide to the issues of secondary lymphedema. Designed to be used by the patient in collaboration with a LE therapist to design an appropriate treatment plan. Includes treatment and risk reduction guides, many other aspects of lymphedema care are discussed. Uses evidence-based best practices for lymphedema treatment. Suggests the Manual Lymph Drainage Topic Cards reference set for additional patient learning.

Helps trained clinicians develop individual treatment plans to aid their patients' treatment decisions. Lymphedema patients are encouraged to purchase this Patient Handbookfor insights into treatments, risks, support, and opportunities, but it is not a self-treatment guide.

The LE Wellness Manual Patient Handbook (is included with a LE Wellness Manual order) may be purchased separately as a download or shipped for personal (patient) use (44 page color book, 8.5" x 11") .

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