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• Comprehensive Lymphedema Guide

• Evidence-Based Best Practices

• Individual Treatment Plan

• Assessment and Intake

• Exercises

• Combined Decongestive Therapy

• Treatment Ratings

• Self Care

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Currently OUT OF PRINT however the Wellness Manual Patient Handbook is available for DOWNLOAD below

The Lymphedema Wellness Manual (340 illustrated color pages softbound 8.5 x 11") is a comprehensive guide to the management of secondary lymphedema, and is packed with information. From evaluation to treatment to risk reduction, all aspects of secondary lymphedema care are encompassed. The book centers around evidence-based best practices for lymphedema treatment and incorporates a wealth of resources, including 6 acclaimed Manual Lymph Drainage Topic Cards reference set. The Wellness Manual is intended to help trained clinicians develop individual treatment plans and aid their patients' treatment decisions. Lymphedema patients are encouraged to purchase this book for reference, but not as a self-treatment guide.

The LE Wellness Manual Patient Handbook (included with each Wellness Manual) may be purchased separately for patient use (44 color pages, 8.5 x 11" softcover). Practitioners may order bulk copies.

LE Wellness Manual registered owners may download a hyperlink guide to the web links in the Wellness Manual (FREE), plus 6 additional illustrated quick reference MLD Topic Cards downloads (FREE). All blank forms in the Manual may be purchased for download as customizable/fillable PDFs. For any questions please Contact Gay Lee.

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