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Originally published in LymphLink 2014 Vol. 26 No. 3 © 2014 National Lymphedema Network, www.lymphnet.org. Reprinted by permission.

Purchase Lymphedema Wellness Manual Patient Handbook


The Lymphedema Wellness Manual Patient Handbook is a basic guide to the issues of secondary lymphedema. Designed to be used by the patient in collaboration with a LE therapist to design an appropriate treatment plan. Includes treatment and risk reduction guides, many other aspects of lymphedema care are discussed. Uses evidence-based best practices for lymphedema treatment. Suggests the Manual Lymph Drainage Topic Cards reference set for additional patient learning.

Helps trained clinicians develop individual treatment plans to aid their patients' treatment decisions. Lymphedema patients are encouraged to purchase this Patient Handbookfor insights into treatments, risks, support, and opportunities, but it is not a self-treatment guide.

The LE Wellness Manual Patient Handbook (is included with a LE Wellness Manual order) may be purchased separately as a download or shipped for personal (patient) use (44 page color book, 8.5" x 11") .

Please let us know if any questions arise by Contacting Gay Lee.

Purchase Lymphedema Wellness Manual Blank Forms Set

Lymphedema therapists and clinics use these professional forms: A full set of patient intake, assessment, and monitoring forms, brochures, handouts, treatment protocols, surveys, and patient support sheets. Practitioner or clinic may quickly customize these PDFs with your name and address, then save and print - OR - fill out patient records on computer, and save/print. Present an attractive professional practice. Full customization is possible using Acrobat Pro®.

The downloaded editable/interactive Wellness Manual Blank Forms open on Macintosh or Windows computers in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Please read your Terms of Purchase user license.

For further questions please Contact Gay Lee.

Wellness Manual Home Study Course Quiz

Quiz for the Wellness Manual 8 CE Course Quiz.

Wellness Manual 8 CE Course Quiz test your knowledge of the concepts introduced in the Wellness Manual.

  • The quiz is multiple choice.
  • You are allowed to refer to the Wellness Manual during the quiz.
  • You should expect to spend about two hours taking the quiz, but there is no time limit.
  • You can go back to questions you have already answered.
  • If you need to leave the quiz after you begin, you can sign out and return to the quiz when you sign in again.

Upon passing the quiz, you will graduate, earn your continuing education credits, and receive your certificate by email!

You do not have access to this quiz.

Wellness Manual CE Course Information

Wellness Manual 8 CE NCBTMB Course description.

Wellness Manual Home Study Course Sample Certificate

Sample Certificate of Accomplishment for the WM Course.

Wellness Manual Home Study Course Full Download

NCBTMB 8 CE Home Study Course full download package with exam, to print.
The Lymphedema Wellness Manual 8 CE NCBTMB Home Study Course entire download is free. Print this document and take the exam when you are ready. Enroll online, and submit your answers. It's that easy! Gay Lee's 8 CE Lymphedema Wellness Manual Home Study Course is simple and effective. The ideal way to learn about the many aspects of CDT and other treatments or maintenance issues. The Lymphedema Wellness Manual is your permanent desktop reference after completing the course (owners).
The LE Wellness Manual assists trained clinicians to develop individual treatment plans and aid patient treatment decisions. Lymphedema patients are also encouraged to purchase the Manual for reference, but not as a self-treatment guide.

LE Wellness Manual "borrowers" may earn 8 CEs here (modest fee). Begin with this free download.


Wellness Manual 8 CE NCBTMB Home Study Course Details

Course info and full disclosure.

Wellness Manual Patient Handbook Preview (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

An online preview of the LE Wellness Manual Patient Handbook. Included with the LE Wellness Manual (out of print, currently); now only available separately as a download.

Wellness Manual Registered Owner Bonus Pages

Wellness Manual Owners: FREE downloads here, and more.
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